Either that or deal with a longer 2nd shot after hitting 3-wood off the tee or hope you have a shot after hitting driver off the tee. But is it a driver or a fairway wood? This just swings through the ball and bang…. Mis-hits were manageable and with in reason and it responded well to intentional draws and fades. I hit 20 clubs, broke two balls and he wound up finding the 16 mini with the 57 speeder stiff shaft. I carry the 12 TP X mini drive, hitting it on average that were designed for yard 5 iron and Gap wedge to reach.

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Does anyone remember them?

Wait till the added cost of custom fitting with proper shafts is included… Dare I say taylormade golf sldr-s mini thousand dollar three wood?? Dewayne 4 years ago. Looked good, felt good, hard to not hit it straight down the middle.

Pros — simplifies what we need to learn to play the game: I struggle to get to single digits as well. Wow… First there was white for a head color.

TaylorMade SLDR Mini Driver

The idea behind the SLDR S Mini driver taylormade golf sldr-s mini to create a club that is accurate off the tee and longer than a traditional fairway wood. I went to the PGA store today to try and find a three wood I could hit off the deck. Ron 4 years ago. And did it help?


TellHerMate TM club release dates: What is the CT of this new driver? If the point is it hit this off the tee why not just buy a taylormade golf sldr-s mini degree ?

They tell us that an adjustable loft driver and fairway woods are better.

The TaylorMade SLDR S Mini Driver

I did missed having taylormade golf sldr-s mini actual driver though particularly on long par 5s and long 4s so I went ahead and bought another driver to go along with my clubs. If so, then you would have a regular SLDR 3 wood, which is already in the market.

He started hitting really nice straight shots right down the middle of the range.

golg I walked up and said try this. I would definitely try this new mini driver. What loft and shaft did you get fitted to?


Ed 4 years ago. They hit drivers far, but wild. I’m not one who generally believes in coincidence anyway, and I never believe in coincidence when it comes to TaylorMade, so it’s pretty mni to assume that this announcement was cleverly timed for Masters Week also, TaylorMade told me as much. taylormade golf sldr-s mini

We tested with the equipment we had on hand using stock TP shafts. Off the deck rolling out to and teeing it up rolling to shot after shot. And then matter of factly he added:. Dude Taylormade golf sldr-s mini 4 years ago. So far, it is very difficult to hit this club, my old R7 Limited is much better.


I taylormade golf sldr-s mini been using an old high trajectory Burner 3 wood black top off the tee and I get about mmini taylormade golf sldr-s mini distance as as my driver but a lot more accuracy. In theory, the cc SLDR head should be the most forgiving, and the easiest for most to hit straight, and again that proved to be the case for us. I just could not get comfortable over taylprmade, terrible feel at impact, and in general total lack of confidence.

TaylorMade SLDR Mini Driver | eBay

Taylormade golf sldr-s mini wonder what would happen if the mini played at I can understand their thoughts on the rescue and full time fairway woods. And this is what has been missing with my course management, consistency. Call it a fairway. I can only echo most of the commentary.

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