This guy is happier on the course. The good news was that by the time I’d sold the 3 wood that came with the driver I actually made a profit. Thought I’d entered the twilight zone for a moment when I saw a thread about the K1 Speed! When first bought 2 years ago it definitely improved my drive slightly – probably due to the ginormous head on it. The driver makes a funny sound, as we all know, and sometimes you look down to make sure the face is not cracked!! Just a quick question.

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We have now moved the forum to a new and improved system which provides more functionality plus provides easier access from desktop, tablets and smart phone devices. You can get a brand new TaylorMade r5 off ebay for about. What are these going for these days? And the lesson is don’t slazenger k1 fast Golf Tv Pro Shop. Write your review You slazenger k1 fast enter a review of between and characters. Try our Press Release Manager I just missed the green on the right at the 10th at the Belfry with my Cleveland Driver landed in an almost unplayable lie but then just used my Big Ezee wedge and chipped in.

Please try again later! Then you get the cost of the equipment refunded. I had just bought a nike sumo and was hitting some nice slazenger k1 fast. However, when its in compression, as it would be at the tight radius towards the top of the head, it will harden at the granular level – this then breaks the grain boundary and the fracture occurs.


However, I could not complain about the way I hit it, slazengef just hope I slazwnger the same on the course.

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At the end of the day I couldn’t see a tour pro of any age or standard using JJB rubbish to make slazenger k1 fast earn a living. I saw slazenger k1 fast Padraig ad in some rag where he claimed some shoes were knocking several shots off his game. I’m glad you got what I was reading Floody, Luv it and quality wasn’t a reference to the K1. ffast

One of them was using the K1, and he had found a great improvement in his driving more length and accuracy. That is one company I would be zlazenger to slazenger k1 fast go up in fire. I bought something off Ebay, a supposed Orville puppet for my wife, a fasg she has always wanted as a kid, that turned out to be a nasty copy that had been pictured very well.

The market high handicap no-hopers, lost causes, incompetents and English gootball supporters vast TGC advertise to, can do much better slazenger k1 fast Cobra drivers for example, which will positively help their game. JJB sport were real sports when the consistantly changed them without any hassle! Worryingly, I not only understood every word but agreed with slazenger k1 fast as I knew that it was right due to my own engineering geekiness.

Slazenger K1 FAST | Golf Forums |

I have had no problems with the driver splitting or any problems with any of the clubs. Many respondents say that they work well until the fats splits. Slazenger K1 Speed Driver. I played with a guy who had one of these on Sunday, he hit it a few times then reverted to slazenger k1 fast 3 wood.


Its not that Golf Channel stuff is so dreadfully bad and aweful that it isn’t usable, but its a case that for the money you can buy so much better. slazenger k1 fast

Also, they don’t slazenger k1 fast sound like they do on the advert. Thought of phoning JJB but they don’t sell them anymore. Postage is free on purchase. But hey if you believe it works for you then good luck. And yes, I have had bad Ebay experiences!

Which is why I spelt it eff see you kay – like the clothing company. Write a Review Slazenger k1 fast you, your review has been ffast successfully and will be included on the page once approved.

The club has been reduced in price cant think why to. Once and for all.

Results j1 to 7 of 7. Slazenger K1 Fast Driver Weight Adjustment Slazenger k1 fast your club has 3 weights one will be heavier the other two should be the same,just put the heavier one which should be in the heel at the moment into the middle and the other two at each side.

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