Privacy Policy Support Terms of Use. Yes, it is real. Whose motherboard is it? One thing I was wondering was that when I throw in any bootable cds from microsoft like Windows 95, 98, ME, , XP, they read from the cd. You need to install and load the appropriate drivers for your bus And optical drive if. Start your computer and enter the BIOS screen. Hi, What matters is not the motherboard.

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Have you tried reboot to get rid of it, in fact, there are many things you can try to fix this issue even you are a newbie. Login to quote this blog Login Close.

Romm up with Google. One is using what’s known as DUSE sata cd rom dos system.

SATA driver for DOS

Search the page for SATA for example. I’ve already tried gcdrom. Id recommend the USB stick, as it loads faster and leaves your cd drive free for other things.

If yours doesn’t, reboot and try the next driver selection. They are not as rare as one may think. SYS where to find sata cd rom dos version, i donwloaded Freedos cd and scanned even archives and no match? On the File menu, point to the name of the floppy drive, and then click Format.


DOS drivers for SATA DVD drive?

This first occurred to me. By clicking you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Sign up with Email. Both files shuld be copied to the root.

Open My Computer, and then click the floppy disk drive to select it. Agreed, I prefer WinPE in some ways but that isnt avaliable to most people. You can start the following operating systems from the boot loader Osloader screen: Sata cd rom dos saved quotes Close. I have tried using cdrom.

Dallas, Texas, United States. Haven’t tried these ones yet. In order to do this you do need 1 licence for each machine used of the most current windows.

Does anyone know which driver is being used? If you’re sata cd rom dos Windows 95 or later get your drivers’. I can boot from a floppy or a CD right now, but all I can access on the Cd is the boot portion or the A: I found a workaround, although unable to sata cd rom dos via a boot CD, I was able to load my boot CD’s contents onto a USB flash drive with the help of this link: Yes, it is real.


I have tried gcdrom. Premium members can enroll in this course at no extra cost.

DOS drivers for SATA DVD drive…?

If you want to use the cdrom drive dd msdos operating sata cd rom dos then config the. Privacy Policy Support Terms of Use. Whose motherboard is it? EXE to set a Drive Letter. They won’t recognize or detect optical drives installed on other buses e.

Ms dos sata cdrom driver. Windows 95, Windows 98, or Windows Me 3.

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