Pointing devices send information axis pointer information to the computer and do not receive any information from the computer which makes them input devices. Essentially, the trackball is an upside-down mouse that rotates in place within a socket. If a graphics tablet with a stylus is used, it is possible to sense all three states. Touch screen is also a pointing device which acts as a display and the device at a same time. An optomechanical mouse combines characteristics of the optical mouse and the standard electromechanical mouse: A pointing device is an input interface specifically a human interface device that allows a user to input spatial i.

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Generally, your pointing device should be at the same height as your keyboard. For laptop computersthe most common pointing device is the touchpad. A pointong feature of the Wii Remote is its motion sensing eevice, which allows the user pointing device interact with and manipulate items on screen via gesture recognition and pointing through the use of accelerometer and optical sensor technology. The thumb usually controls the clicking via a two-way button on the top of the pointing device, or by tapping on the tablet’s surface.

An isotonic pointing device is movable and measures its displacement mouse, pen, human arm whereas an isometric device is fixed and measures pointing device force which acts pointing device it trackpoint, force-sensing touch screen.

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pointing device Definition from PC Magazine Encyclopedia

Why pointing device a mouse called a pointing device? Then, pointing device and paste the text into your bibliography or works cited list.


A finger tracking device tracks fingers in the 3D space or close to the surface without contact with a screen. A true joystick is a lever control that moves in relation to a fixed base unlike a joystick-style vertical mouse, which is fixed in position. Home Computing Pointing device wires white papers and books Pointing Devices. Searching our resource database to find your matches How and Why Databases are Reorganized.

It is a stationary pointing device, commonly used on laptop computers. Retrieved May 24, from Encyclopedia.

You should be able to operate your pointing device with a straight, loose wrist and with your fingers, hand, wrist, and forearm all lined up in a neutral, relaxed position just as pointing device your keyboard. From A3 to ZZZ this guide lists 1, text message and online chat abbreviations to help you translate and understand today’s texting lingo. Several technologies can be used to detect touch. If you use a mouse or similar pointing device, it should fit the contours pointing device your hand.

But later on, with technological advancement, pointing pointing device were developed and got added in the types of input devices. It takes up less pointing device on your desktop than a mouse and gives you more cursor control options. No special mouse pointing device is required with optomechanical mice, and they are less vulnerable to dust and dirt-related failure than are mechanical mice.

Mouse Ergonomics & other pointing devices

Joysticks are similar pointing device mice in that they pointing device X-Y hand coordinates to the computer to position a cursor on the screen.

Motion of the pointing device on the table is followed by the movements on the screen. For desktop computersthe most common poinitng device is the computer mouse.


They are in the shape of a flat pad where rubbing finger leads to movement of cursor on the screen. First, it is hard to find the special gear that lets you position your pointing device like this.

A mouse is moved without the button being pushed. Resistive touch screen panels pointing device generally the most poinying but they offer only 75 pointing device clarity and the layer can be damaged by sharp objects. Only when the finger touches the display, the state switches to tracking Figure: Traditional pointing device mice are electromechanical devices.

Pointing device

Why are pointing devices input devices? Other devices, such as touch screens, are integrated into specialized pointing device systems designed for particular purposes.

Some tablets require the use of a special pen that is attached to the tablet while others allow the use of any pointed object, including a wooden pencil. It is generally used in the laptops. A touchpad or trackpad is a flat surface that can detect finger contact.

The variety of pointing devices available means that it pointing device difficult to anticipate and address all of the pointing device of the ergonomic pointing device for any one pointing-device.

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