It will send a constant level of power into the LED as temperature changes it electrical properties. Just be aware that it won’t work over the very lowest dimming range. Safe, Secure, Reliable Shopping. Constant Voltage LED Drivers Constant current and Constant voltage drivers are both viable options for a power supply for LED light sources, what differs is the way in which they deliver the power. This website requires cookies to provide all of its features. For the constant current power supply, would I calculate the minimal value resistor that when I was at Vmin of the LED power supply, it would translate to a current just below whats needed to light up the LEDs, and when its at Vmax of the LED power supply, well, thats the maximum current I would have at my disposal to light up my array?

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LED stands for light emitting diode. Mouser Electronics has disabled TLS 1. Sign up using Email and Password. An LED light that is rated for constant voltage usually specifies the amount of input voltage it needs to lec correctly.

The company has its headquarters in China and an operations facility in China. Geremy 1 1 7.

Mouser Electronics ha disabilitato il TLS 1. Without a current limiting device, the current would keep on rising along with the temperature.

Mains Dimmable LED Drivers – Constant Voltage

It works like this: A constant conztant driver is the best way to drive high power LEDs as it maintains a consistent brightness across all LEDs in-series.


This is known as thermal runaway. This voltage difference could be constant voltage dimmable led by differing numbers of LEDs in a string, or using the same number of LEDs, but of different colors.

The shipping offered is meant to provide the widest variety of shipping options at the voltagw price: That way you wont need an external circuit to do the dimming. Also, if you need help selecting a constant current LED driver, head over to our helpful post on how to choose the right one. Please constant voltage dimmable led your browser version or settings to restore access to the Mouser website.

Mains Dimmable LED Drivers – Constant Voltage

This series of mains dimmable LED drivers provide either a 12vdc or 24vdc constant voltage output making them perfect for dimming LED lighting requiring a constant voltage source such as most ranges of LED strip lighting.

Mouser Electronics har inaktiverat TLS 1. To make the best choice, you need to understand what constant voltage dimmable led one does.

Can’t find what you are looking for? The rgb LED controller is the savior. Details Mains dimmable LED drivers supplied with a single 12vdc or 24vdc constant voltage output. What a V dimmer does is mitigate a DC voltage control signal between ten and zero volts. Different manufacturers offer many products that those in search of a led driver will be certain to find that item that meets their needs.

ERP is an LED power supply manufacturer that uses AC-DC power conversion to provide a unique combination of high efficiency, low component count, and high power density. For lower volume purchases, visit our distributor s below. If you take a look at high powered LEDs, one unique characteristic is the exponential relationship between the applied forward voltage to the LED and the current constant voltage dimmable led through it. Mouser Electronics constant voltage dimmable led TLS 1.


Quick Overview Mains dimmable LED drivers supplied with a single 12vdc or 24vdc constant voltage output. Yes, that one is designed to work as you want.

The excess forward current would result in extra heat within the system, cut down on the LEDs lifespan, and eventually ruin the LED.

The result of this would be that the current would constant voltage dimmable led pushed far above the limit, more so in hot conditions.

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There are plenty of factors to look at when choosing the one constant voltage dimmable led works best for you, we have a thorough run-through of this in our guide on LED drivers here. Contact us for assistance. These drivers vary the voltage along an electronic circuit which allows current to remain constant throughout the LED system.

Thank you for your reply! Constant voltage drivers are designed for a single direct current DC output voltage.

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