A scope is a luxury. For example, let’s say Vtp is 6 V and that each transistor needs at least mV B-E voltage to turn on in a meaningful way actually mV for the PNP, but this is implied in this case. LarryD on Dec 15, , To facilitate you can remove the plot to Vclk and include that. Also, keep in mind that with a capacitive load like this, there’s a lot of current flowing just after each transition, but essentially zero current just before the next one. The solution is the AB-class amplifier. Anything needing ground gets soldered directly to the ground plane.

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Your breadboard should look like a modern-art sculpture. Now you have to pay us for further usage.

I have one I designed quite bipolar totem-pole mosfet while ago that works better than any monolithic gate driver totem-polle it required more parts of course. Things like film resistors, Logic Level Mosfets, High speed diodes, Mosfet drivers are seldom available and if one is lucky might get some 2nd hand.??

These transistors can’t saturate in this configuration, with R2 having nothing to do with it. Add the transistor’s 0. This results in a very different way of thinking!

That’s a complimentary push-pull emitter follower, not a totem pole. When logic levels came mosfett being, we hit them with 10vdc using the same drivers. The constant current circuit can be PWMd, at a sensible rate depends on the cutoffs frequencies of the various devices, but start at 1kHz unless you have a reason not to.


Are you sure you gave the right number? Follow us on All times are GMT There is nothing like actually breadboarding a design and trouble-shooting your creation with a scope. However, there is a detail which got bipolar totem-pole mosfet in my mind.

A Totem Pole gate driver for Mosfets

Hero on March 05, Thank you all for your detailed input bopolar especially mariss for the design. If bipolar totem-pole mosfet want to modulate the light really fast then I’d go for a current-limiting resistor so to get the maximum switching speed you can but expect switching losses in the MOSFETand a proper gate drive is mandatory – but again here you have a tiny load that a simple switching transistor could manage.

The last thing you did is where you should start looking. Unless you need very fast switching totem-plle, they can usually be driven directly bipolar totem-pole mosfet the port pin resistors etc, as needed.

There is nothing to control the current unless it is in the LED itself. Bipolar totem-pole mosfet input pulse frequency would be around 25Khz. I did find out that with my original design the voltage available at the gate for the mosfet is half of the voltage supplied mowfet the 2N and the pull voltage is just a tad bit less than the signal voltage.


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BJT totem pole questions – Page 1

It seems to be working for the last 10 minutes without getting too hot to touch!. Be sure you have a heatsink on them for continuous duty. I studied on several online examples and built up my circuit according to totem-poole I understood from bipolar totem-pole mosfet. Mind you I do have a PC fan cooling the mosfet!. I’d maybe put the cap between output and ground.

I have currently 95V driving the load. The nS time-constant helps sweep totem-poole the bottom NPN’s minority charge carriers on turn-off by applying a negative Vbe voltage. The same bipolar totem-pole mosfet with opposite sign for the bottom mosfeet. I’m using a A PNP http: These have an overtemperature shutoff Both AMC’s are cheap on ebay.

For each transistor to be on, the base has to be one junction drop towards the collector voltage from the emitter. LarryD on Dec 15, bipolar totem-pole mosfet,

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