ScanWise doesn’t think you need this feature. But the Agfa software insisted on evening out the tone balance on the coin when it had a black background, which fouled it up. Using it ScanWise is your standard fully automatic scanner software for beginners. Since flatbed scanners are too big to hold that way, the Agfa HYTs are just lounging about looking windswept and interesting. There are two other snap-on coloured handles for the lid in the e40 box. It actually, in the words of Agfa’s puff page for the SnapScan e40 , “makes it simple for you”, because you’ve “got better things to do than sit around reading a manual all day long. About this product Product Information This Agfa flatbed scanner is constructed for folks who are concerned with trustworthiness and functionality when making a digitized record, and it is also reliable and helpful.

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If your User Access Control UAC is started then you will have to confirm the installation of the driver and run the setup with administrative rights. This turned out to be significant.

Bring back the bikini-girl school of promotional posing, I say. Overall The e40 hardware may well be an absolute performance tuned sports car of the mid-priced scanner world.

Easy Driver Pro does not sell or charge for drivers. If you do that, you have to manually click the installer on to the actual installation stage.

Agfa also make a SnapScan e50, see its specs page herewhich is essentially exactly the same as the e40, but includes a transparency adaptor for scanning slides and negatives as well. Here’s the coin on the standard black background, scanned at dpi. Ordinary scanner software also remembers its image adjustment and resolution settings in between sessions.

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You can install the drivers manually for FREE.

This driver will work for the following versions of Windows: Casual home users aren’t likely to care very much, but it’s amazing agfz time telescopes while you’re staring at a computer screen. I did a couple of white-scans with the e40 too, to look for irregularities in the e40’s response.

Download and install Hamrick Software Agfa SnapScan e40 – driver id

You can turn off the auto-preview, but there’s not much reason to do so, because ScanWise isn’t clever enough to atfa you the last preview it made. If you’re in the snapscah for a flatbed scanner, you’ve got a lot of options. This simplifies the setup process, gives a decent data transfer rate, and delivers the user from the sluggishness and unreliability of the old-fashioned parallel port interface.

HYTs photographed in this way are usually thrusting a product of some kind toward the camera, making said product look the size of a piano. The software also has options to turn on or off rotation of mis-aligned originals – which is particularly handy for OCR – and toggle automatic selection of subjects, where ScanWise automatically puts a selection box around what looks to it like the document.

There may be blotches marking uneven lighting from things like internal reflections, as well. If it hasn’t done a preview yet, it shows a black panel. With the wonderful functionality on this flatbed scanner, you can complete your document scanning needs without worry. As far as I can tell, there’s no way to tell PhotoWise not to fool with the raw data it’s getting from the pickup head.

There’s a paper manual, and you also get Adobe Acrobat format documentation for the scanner itself, and for the ScanWise software, on the driver CD. Start the driver installation file from a Windows account with the highest privileges rights. Well, not unless you cool it with liquid nitrogen, anyway. In Brief What it is: For photo scans, the cheapie does better than the e40, because you don’t need monster resolution, and the cheap scanner’s driver produces better looking photo output.

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It ought to snapsca much closer to three minutes. Similarly, you can send an image of a document to the OCR software and have the result squirted out into your word processor, or have image scans inserted in your word processor document, or automatically file repeated scans in particular places without having to manually say where each one should be saved.

AGFA SnapScan e40 Manuals

With the extra pause, though, it’s slow. There was a faint yellow-cyan cast, but no stripes or blotches or other outbreaks of character.

Agfaa prices are lower. ScanWise clearly diddles with the intensity values in less than helpful ways whether or not you activate PhotoGenie. Even the most basic scanner software lets you do all of these things, of course, – just not automatically.

Other low cost scanners, like the Acer Scanner UT I review herehave 14 bit per channel resolution like the e Get the perfect match for your driver More than 5 million happy users. The scanner uses a slimline multi-voltage AC adapter with, in this package, a couple of short mains cables to let it be used from Australian or snapsdan European mains sockets.

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