Out of production — no longer available. This dialog warns you that we haven’t paid Microsoft a pound of flesh to certify the driver. Then you can start at Step 4 in the instructions below. The results should look like this it may have additional information in the Port Test dialog. These drivers are compatible with Windows and newer. Acts as a “dongle”.

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On ross-tech usb screen above: The name of the interface may vary. This dialog appears ross-tech usb when we sign our drivers with ross-hech Class-3 Software Publishing Certificate from Verisign and the appropriate cross-certificate from Microsoft, which should according to all available documentation allow Windows to verify the publisher Ross-Tech, LLC. Select the USB Port.

No “Software Activation” required! These drivers are compatible with Windows and rosss-tech. The results should look something like this: Unzip the contents of the download into a new folder. Ross-tech usb will then finish installing the driver and you should see a dialog like this: Early in their development, we found a number ross-tech usb technical advantages to using a “direct” USB driver which bypasses the Windows Serial drivers entirely.


Ross-Tech Ross-Tech Direct USB Interface how to download and install the driver

Ross-tech usb only sell them with ross-tech usb VCDS software. These instructions are for Windows Vista only. Go test on a car. Show me other options. Rosst-ech an interface plugged in, find it in Device Manager, right-click it, and select Update Driver.

On the screen above click ” Don’t search online ” The following dialog should appear. Click the [ Options ross-tech usb button. Once checked, disconnect and re-connect the interface.

Ross-Tech: VAG-COM: USB Driver Installation for Windows Vista

Here it ross-tech usb seem that Microsoft has a terminology problem. We do not have any VCP drivers for Windows 98! This interface performs best with Windows-XP or Vista. If you choose to install it someplace orss-tech than the default location, make a note of folder ross-tech usb installing it to. If you have ross-tech usb yet downloaded VCDS, then click here to open our download page in a new window.

Ross-Tech: VCDS: USB Driver Installation for Windows XP

Contact your system administrator” then you need to do the ross-tech usb A Login to Windows with Administrator rights. VCDS should install the drivers ross-teh.


USB connector plugs into most modern laptops! These instructions are only to be used in case the ross-tech usb driver installation is not successful.

However, product support is provided only ross-tech usb the original purchaser. A message like this should appear on your PC’s Taskbar: The results should look like this it may have additional information in the Port Test dialog.

Allow the software you just downloaded to install itself on your PC. Click the [ Test ] button. It can be used with Windows 98, ME, orross-tech usb performance may be somewhat degraded by sub an OS other than Windows XP and compatibility with “difficult” control modules may be reduced.

It does not emulate a COM port. We cannot offer any support for third-party software, nor any guarantee that it will work correctly with these ross-tech usb.

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