Auto, Scene, and Movie. The camera’s flash is quite weak, so you may find yourself using that D-Lighting feature quite a bit! This Nikon’s strong points are abundant scene modes, a 3X zoom lens that doesn’t protrude during use, a postshot fix that automatically brightens dark backgrounds, and a clever Face-Priority autofocus mode that ensures that the closest human to the camera will be sharp and clear. Nikon D In-depth Review. Nikon offers just a few accessories for the Coolpix S1. In Voice Recording mode, you can get about 4 hours 27 minutes of audio on a MB card. The Good Simple operation; face-recognition autofocus; postcapture correction of red-eye and exposure; versatile burst mode; time-lapse capabilities.

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What this means is that most of the lens elements travel down the length of the body rather than toward the back. There is also a multi shot feature that lets you take 16 photos to build a single nikon coolpix s1.

Jun 1, Nikon has a few interesting features thrown in for good nikon coolpix s1, and I’ll cover those in the review. After noting errors in our K-1 Mark II studio scene, we’ve re-shot both that camera and its predecessor.

Nikon Coolpix S1 Review & Rating |

The indoor shot is taken in more or less total darkness and the Coolpix S1 manages to focus and expose the photo extremely well. The Nikon coolpix s1 movie mode was not great, with poor nikon coolpix s1 at the highest resolution VGA and a sluggish frame rate. Therefore it is likely to appeal to someone who enjoys taking pictures without bikon much fuss and bother and would also like a camera that is readily at hand.


Pressing the Menu button displays the following Shooting menu You can choose between single and continuous autofocus while in movie mode.

With the correct lighting you should be able to produce macro shots for use on Internet auction sites with this camera. The card releases with a downward press. Reproduction in whole or part in any form or medium without specific written permission is prohibited. Red eye reduction is available too.

More important, we weren’t wowed by the test shots the S1 nikon coolpix s1, although it did well on our performance tests, with good recycle and boot-up times. Activated by sliding the Mode switch left to the Auto position green camera iconthis mode places the camera in control of both aperture and shutter speed, as well nikon coolpix s1 most other exposure features.

The actual length of recording time nikon coolpix s1 only on the amount of available SD card space there is no arbitrary limit set by the size of the S1’s internal buffer memoryand appears in the LCD monitor.

With their Coolpix models, Nikon is going the route of so many other camera manufacturers by building flash memory into the camera instead of including a memory card. This nikon coolpix s1 package is aimed at providing a central location that is simple, intuitive and seamless for Coolpix digital photographers.

Note though, that the camera doesn’t report its automatically chosen ISO value to the user while shooting.


The AF-assist lamp helps the camera focus in low light situations. Does sensor size still make a difference?

May 30, Despite nikon coolpix s1 an AF-assist lamp I was little disappointed with its performance in low light situations: You shouldn’t have to spend too much time getting to grips with the Coolpix S1. Shutter Lag nikon coolpix s1 Recycling Times. The PictBridge compatibility makes it possible to print directly to a printer, without the need for a computer.

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On top of the Coolpix S1 you’ll find from left to right the speaker, microphone, power button, and shutter release button. Unfortunately, that nikon coolpix s1 design does not translate into nikon coolpix s1 picture-taking ability. Read our review of it if you’d like, but download the program nowso you’ll have it.

According to a recent investor presentation, Sony intends to occupy the top slot in the overall nkion market by the end ofbeating back Canon and Nikon by boosting its interchangeable lens systems.

A Mode switch on the back of the camera controls the operating mode, with three positions: A time lapse movie feature is also available. Here, you can review captured images and movies, erase, enlarge, copy, and protect images, and also set them up for printing.

As always, I recommend picking up a spare battery and keeping nikon coolpix s1 freshly charged at all times, to avoid dead-battery syndrome.

Its recessed optics peep out but don’t emerge from the camera when their built-in cover opens; they then focus and zoom internally over a 35mm-tomm nikon coolpix s1 35mm-camera equivalent.

Automatic exposure control lets the camera take charge of all the picky details, although a handful of exposure options provides creative nikon coolpix s1 when you need them.

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