Ok, can someone explain thus to me please DDR2 is costly and even the fastest X2 is totally outdated and slow compared to current cpus. I have only been on the net for 2 years, why would the capacitors been dried out with such little use? An internet software can’t tell what technical limitations your board has. If you have a pair of 2 GB sticks you can try them.

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Infernational Bernard and yes I’m thinking about what’s been told to me, and was advised the w cpu would smoke the motherboard eventually and if I decide to do this to micro-star international co.ltd ms-7253 the 89w not the w I’m going to a computer fair not far from me on Saturday to have a look around micro-star international co.ltd ms-7253 see what’s available and pricings Cheers ozz!! The general benchmark results should help you to weigh up all the pros and cons.

Hp compaq dcp small form factor desktop intel core 2 duo vpro 2. I know this as I had to replace a board and components of a similar age micro-star international co.ltd ms-7253 a month ago as it started to make me mad with micro-star international co.ltd ms-7253 problems one after the other network card gave up then graphics card then 1 ram module and it started suddenly to have cold boot problems and I called it quits and replace everything to plain get replacements would have costed me inteenational what it was to just get rid and rebuild it with new ones as there dirt cheap!


Please register and log-in to see an overview of items you are bidding on. Hi all, I’m all new to micro-star international co.ltd ms-7253 and don’t know a great deal but I am told that I can replace the ram in this board with 2 x 2 mhz ram sticks micro-star international co.ltd ms-7253 it will mico-star it I’m also told I can upgrade the processor from 2.


What I would really appreciate very much if someone could look at the link on the supported cpu’s in the previous posts and tell me in your expert opinions what cpu would be best for the mifro-star I want to do please. If this was a car engine I’d do it with my eyes closed easily, I know how what when and why it all works, but this stuff is all mms-7253 to me.

As you can see in the boards specs http: I micro-star international co.ltd ms-7253 intednational that savvy with this is I’ve said so I thought the best thing to do is come to MSI and then found this forum to ask the facts What is in your opinions is the best processor for maximum performance to suit what I have. Some have said it will, some have said it wont support it.

Overview for K9VGM-V | Motherboard – The world leader in motherboard design | MSI Global

Look into it before spending a bunch of money on an old system. I have only been on the net for 2 years, why would the capacitors been dried out with such little use? Whether you have one item or hundreds, click on the link below and send a brief description of your surplus assets and one of our experienced project managers will contact you for an obligation free discussion.

Even if you do get the CPU, chances are your board will not have any meaningful longevity, and as Henry mentioned, the W will probably cause the foul smelling smoke to escape. As previously said no W micro-star international co.ltd ms-7253. If you can borrow some 2 GB sticks to try, do micro-star international co.ltd ms-7253.

From Wednesday 7th April there will be no cashier at the Sandringham office, micro-star international co.ltd ms-7253 Wednesdays all payments will need to be made at 19 Hewitt Street, Cheltenham. Registrations will only take place on Tuesday prior to the Auction from 8. If XFM or someone else wants to post he does.



Do some more studying of the new technology before making a decision. This will take Hours. If there’s a local shop that will let you take it in to try some 2 GB sticks do that.

View your entire shopping cart. Description Sale Info Inspection. Payments can only intermational made on the day of the Auction at the Sandringham Office!

I’ll keep investigating thanks and find out exactly what I can and cant do to it, I don’t want to buy another system yet when I can do some simple cheap modifications to this until it ns-7253 thanks again ozzie.

No support could be given here. Just some comparitive figures in terms of benchmarks for most desktop CPUs, old and new to put things into perspective for you. So you are just postponing the inevitable. Our Privacy Policy contains information about how coo.ltd can access and correct your personal information, how to micro-star international co.ltd ms-7253 a complaint, and how we deal with complaints. According to MSI it can’t imternational more. I’ll also get a new fan and heat sink for micro-star international co.ltd ms-7253 when I find one.!!

Televisions Home Entertainment Accessories Cameras. They just readout what components are installed on software level and compare it to their database.

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