Do you remember in the summer, back in ? It’s Saturday evening, out to the bar I’m crowded in with all my friends Gonna sink a jar or two. Cobwebs have all gathered, they now obscure the view Majorities are in a trance, and the fight’s left to the few. It has been operating in the murky underground of musical intolerance for the past 25 years, and remains a force even now, over a decade after its lead singer was killed in an automobile crash. Lot of the things that the people lack, have been stolen from behind their backs But the liars tell us that it’s alright The sooner that we all know, where the nation’s resources go Hope it’s not too late before we all stand and fight. Are you sitting there, in your comfy sitting chair?

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AZ | Skrewdriver – God Of Thunder lyrics (Freedom What Freedom Album)

The time is gonna come when you have to account for your lies Whether you tell the truth must depend on the price You ruin somebody’s life and then it’s back to the bar Nothing else matters but expenses and your company car.

Look around and what did I see A land that’s fit for you and me Smiling faces everywhere Our nation’s people with no cares. As the Clash of Civilizations takes place within postmodern Western societies, the lyrics find more applicability to everyday life.

When the north wind blows, the doubts will linger no longer When the north wind blows, the message makes us stronger When the north wind blows, the chill breeze brings us strength When the north wind blows, there’s no more sitting on the fence. You never thought you’d hear the reaper’s call Shot to bits against a bloodstained wall. The White battalion is waving… triumphant standards of a race… reborn! We can only guess I said free Rudolf Hess How long can they keep him there?

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We are mother Europe’s sons And we, are the chosen ones We are mother Europe’s sons And if lyricz fight’s worth fighting gonna carry on We are mother Lyrlcs sons And we are the chosen ones We are mother Europe’s sons And if a fight’s worth fighting gonna carry on Freedom, what freedom?

There is a road, and it leads to Valhalla Where only the chosen are allowed There is a boy, with a dream of Valhalla A place in the land of the gods. I saw our people proud and free No more traitors I could see No more lies to make us slaves Freedom brought a brave new world.

But a twin threat emerges in their music in the mid s- that of communism. Arrested by the remnants, of a communist regime Corruption in high places, is still around it seems Six young sktewdriver are wasting, scapegoats for the powers that be Sacrificed to the One-World men and their immigration policy.


Another instructive song regards girls and women. Do you mind if I sit here down by your graveside? Come on now, stand proud Don’t cower, shout loud Speak up, don’t waste no time, oh no. Try and get you banned from everywhere ‘Cos you wear your boots and you cut your hair They would rather see you in a dirty old Afghan If you were dkrewdriver Left-wing hippie, you won’t face no ban.

Our banner’s not a dollar sign, nor a blood-red rag Nor a white surrender, but a proud and honest flag And no one’s gonna stop us, from holding it up high For the honour of lyrjcs nations, we’ll fight until we die, and I said Please skrrwdriver me to introduce myself, I’m a man of wealth and taste I’ve been around for a long, long, time, don’t know how many men’s soul unsaved I was around when Jesus Christ had His moment of doubt and fate Made damn sure that Pilot washed his hands and sealed His fate.

He said no, ‘cos life’s too short I said your mind has now been bought. And I’m Back with a bang, now! Now it seems that we are next on our government’s thick hit-list Race relations and homo rights, well these causes’ feet are kissed Seems we are a minority in our own motherland Our pleas for justice and common sense, well they disregard and ban. Hey brother across the sea, what future for you and me I want to know where we stand, we fight the Reds in all our lands They try and crush us, bring us down, spread their poison in all our towns Police protect them as they march, we’re arrested, it’s getting dark – chorus European dream, there’s things that should be said European dream, better dead than Red European dream, for freedom and for bread European dream, better dead than Red – It’s our country, we want it back, love for our nations we do not lack Why do the governments put us down, when the real enemy’s all around It’s not us who’s planting bombs, it’s the Reds who are marching on Your police force helps them, I hope they realize before the end.

He said to me, Why worry?

Skrewdriver – God Of Thunder lyrics

Now our country’s, over-run Politcian, explain, what was happening in your brain Foreign intruders, that’s true, but I bet none of them live near you. This little piggy has a wooden stick, taps it on his hand Hit you on the head if you speak your mind, well don’t he think he’s grand?

Paid for treason, against their own The stink of traitors always lingers on When we rise it’s their turn to hide We’ll smell their fear when it’s time to die. The Red gets his support from these invaders Hopes that their sheer numbers will evade us.


Media’s coming at us, we stand up strong Enemy of the White man, trying to kill our song We won’t fall before them, for there’s no turning back The cowards will not beat us, courage we won’t lack. My father worked this land as his father did before And they’d turn in their graves, if they knew what was in store Someone came from some big city, and tried to buy our farm Threw our life’s work out good rot, they’ve done a lot of harm.

We see it on the streets today, we see it on the news The so-called British law machine, and it’s us who pay the dues The we read it in the papers that the black man gets it tough But we all know that this is wrong, and we have had enough Ref: All ended in devastation, for a man who loved his nation Another warrior they took away, yeah, they took him away But in our hearts, lryics did not die, forever more his flag will fly One day the land will stand in his memory, Robert Matthews.

God Of Thunder Lyrics

This demographic was well known for substance abuse and antisocial behavior, and believe it or not, Skrewdriver covered this aspect of skinhead life… by preaching against substance abuse!

Come on all you lads hear the patriots’ call. One day thunver wake up to find They’ve taken possession of your mind They’ll make you into a number, they’ll take away your choice They’re going to make you into a zombie without a voice Life as once we knew- it is now dying White thundeer are disappearing form the earth They’ll take away our birthright, take away our lands They’re going to take away what was ours since time began.

Think back to your forefathers, think back upon great times European courage, victory,????? You never see politicians out there standing on the streets Skrewfriver don’t care if your kids are fed or got shoes upon their feet They don’t know what’s happening, they don’t see what’s going on If they did, they’d all be screaming “What the hell is going on?!

Now you have died, whilst fighting for your country Fighting ‘gainst an enemy that’s within Now I’ll make a promise to your memory, Albert Mariner We’ll keep on fighting, until we win Yeah, we’ll never forget you.

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