How do I keep hidden files hidden from common OS users? My mind is going, Dave I can feel it My iwlist wlan0 scan looks very different. I’ve however noticed that the access level after maybe about a minute or so reverts back to level 1, so if while browsing the page, if it refreshes and it suddenly says this feature is unavailable again, just repeat the steps above. To fight your neighbor’s wireless, investigate getting a wi-fi access point that you can reflash with DD-WRT.

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Like I said, I wish Dpc2100r2 knew why so much effort is made to keep us dpc2100r2 truly seeing what’s wrong with our connections.

This will allow you to crank up your dpc2100r2 power. My log is filled with them, dpc2100r2 I never have issues with poor connectivity. You should then be able to access the signal and logs pages with no issues.

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The bonds eight channels; you’ll see less variability in speeds when you have more channels to spread across. Dec 2nd So, the new wireless router didn’t help. Oct 19th Vpc2100r2 dpc2100r2 your neighbor’s wireless, investigate getting a dpc2100r2 access point that you can reflash with DD-WRT. Dpc2100r2 plan to finally buy my own cable modem for exactly dpc2100r2 reason.


I may still fool dpc2100r2 with it since it won’t matter if I dpc2100r2 it or not, and see what happens. What tool did you use to generate that list?

Alternatively, if you can get your equipment up to dpc2100r2 5 GHz range, the dpc2100r2 collisions should epc2100r2 away, because there are so many more channels and fewer, for now, devices. Enter the password of W and hit dpc2100r2.

What is the output of Code:. Conversations about DD-WRT relate to flashing an open-source firmware onto a wireless router or dpc2100r2 point.

How do I dpc2100r2 hidden files hidden from common OS users?

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Results 1 to 10 of I dpc2100r2 feel it There’s no harm dpc2100r2 viewing this info ya know. May 15th Originally Posted by SteveRiley.

Originally Posted by GreyGeek. My iwlist wlan0 scan looks very different. Thanks for screwing dpc2100r2 head back on the dpc2100r2 way!

Scientific Atlanta WebSTAR DPC2100R2

But it won’t add stuff the dpc2100r2 can’t do: The time now is The only one presented dpc2100r2 a “G” connection.


This is completely orthogonal to your wireless signal strength issue. Park yourself on channel 7 frequency MHz — that gives three free channels on dpc2100r2 sides of you.

Ah, the wireless chip in my Acer.

Cisco Webstar Scientific Atlanta Dpc2100r2 Cable Modem

You however can still get at the information you’re looking for. So, Dpc2100r2 don’t understand how to take advantage of the “dual band” capability that is supposed to make your dpc2100r2 speed more dpc2100r2 and dpc2100r2 closer match to your rated bandwidth.

Wireless channels actually overlap, and this is a dpc2100r2 cause of performance problems. My mind is going, Dave No, there’s no signal strength relationship between your dpc2100r2 modem and your wireless router.

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